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High Quality Equipment

Four chairs stocked with the latest equipment, including the ilase and ezlase lasers.

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Unparalleled Results

Quite simply, Dr. DeLeonardis is a Long Island dentist whose attention to detail and achieving quality results is second to none. Why settle for less?

The Ultimate Service

We’ve been a part of the Oceanside community for over 15 years, and it shows in our caring approach to our patients.

A Long Island Dentist Offering a Complete Array of Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

What are your options? With Imaging Technology, you and Dr. DeLeonardis create a smile that you can be proud of. With dental imaging, we make it simple to understand and learn. Seeing is Believing. We are excited about this technology, and you will be too!

Digital X-Rays
The benefits of digital x-rays allow us to reduce the radiation by 70-90% from conventional x-rays, view the x-ray as large as our monitor, and in seconds. No waiting, no solutions, just technology at its finest!
Crowns & Bridges

Our office only uses the highest quality crowns. We place the crown in temporarily for a week or two to give you time to inspect the shade and contour at your leisure and only once you’re satisfied will we place it in permanently.

One Visit Root Canal Treatments

Why do Conventional root canal? With advanced technology, we can do root canal treatment in one visit with little to no discomfort.

Cleaning Program

Our Enhanced Periodontal Program is designed especially for you. Each patient has different needs. If you want to keep those pearly whites, this is the program for you.

Implant Restorations

Tired of the spaces in your mouth? You have a choice. Come in and we’ll help you find the answers you are looking for. A consult with our office will help you choose the best option.

Oral Surgery

We do the oral surgery while you watch TV or listen to music. Referrals are rare. No need to travel to another office. We are here to make your stay as comfortable as possible. No hassles, no worries.

Teeth Whitening

This is the most conservative, yet cosmetic way of improving your smile. Dazzle your friends and family. We offer both in-house and take-home. For take-home, choose from a variety of flavors-mint, melon, tropical fruit, etc. No longer do you have to hide your smile.

Porcelain Laminates
This is for the person that wants family and friends to say, “Wow!” Porcelain laminates, sometimes referred to as “veneers,” are the most cosmetic way of transforming your smile.

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(516) 299-8121

175 Atlantic Ave # 1, Oceanside, NY 11572

Our Patients Have Spoken…

Dr. De Leonardis is the finest dentist I have ever had & I’m 80 years old. He is suberb & an expert in my opinion.

Bob F.

Dr. DeLeonardis doesn’t have patients, only friends.

Mr. S

Believe it or not, it’s always a pleasure visiting the office. You’re always treated like family. Thanks.

Richard S.

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